ADA information

Creole United Festival is accessible to all guests with disabilities and there will be disabled parking spaces. CONCESSION STANDS Creole United Festival features concession stands  that are accessible for patrons with disabilities. If assistance is required at any of the food service areas, please contact the nearest festival staff. FIRST AID First Aid services provided onsite at venue.

2015 Festival FAQs

The Festival has no admission fee. Suggested $5 donations (or more if you are able) per person at the entrance are appreciated. All donations help support the Performing Stars of Marin, “Zydeco For Kids” music project. WHAT TO BRING Items allowed in this venue include: Lawn chairs – seats must not be higher than 9″

2015 Creole United Festival Map

Additonal Parking information: Sausalito is known for its many beautiful views and scenic hillside locations. But because of the limited parking availability, Sausalito does have an aggressive enforcement program in both the residential and business districts.

What is ZYDECO?

What Is Zydeco? The People Who Play Zydeco Music To understand any genre of music, you must first understand the makers of that genre. Zydeco is the music of Southwest Louisiana’s Black Creoles, a group of people of mixed African, Afro-Caribbean, Native American and European descent. This Black Creole society that beget Zydeco is traditionally rural,

About The Festival

Come explore a musical trip to Southwest Louisiana by the San Francisco Bay. The Creole United Festival celebrates its 3rd year of community, music and the rich Creole culture. Sausalito, California known for its mild weather and legendary waterfront makes it a popular destination for events. The boutique downtown hotels, a diverse geography and a

2015 Festival Entertainment Linup

ANDRE THIERRY (Alternative Creole) Andre Thierry is masterful on all accordion types, he effortlessly moves to deliver an energetic, hard-driving show, blending his own electrified sound with a stirring beat attracting any music lover to the dance floor. Although Andre’s instrument of choice is the accordion, his versatile talents transcend on bass, guitar and keys. He is a gifted composer, singer and song-writer, his music