Do Men Are from Mars or Are They from Venus?

To understand whether or not men are from mars or women are from Venus, we have to get a little more scientific. We are all born under one of 12 signs of the zodiac, and each of these represents an aspect of our life. When we take the zodiac sign of our birthdate, we then determine which element from that zodiac point represents our temperament in life. The water element represents the water signs, while the fire element represents the fire signs, and the air element represents the air signs.

Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus

Water sign men are very compassionate, loving, thoughtful, and love to experience new things and places. On the other hand, these men are not very bold or adventurous. Venus has always been the symbol of freshness and new beginnings. The water element gives us a joyous side that we often need when we are growing up and Mars has always been the symbol of maturity and old age. Therefore, it would seem that women are from Venus while men are from Mars.

If we take all twelve signs of the zodiac and combine them, we would get a being that represents perfection, which is most certainly what most men want from their partners. Venus represents youthful exuberance and a free spirit, while Mars represents the matured and dignified expression of strength and stalwart courage. There is no way to escape these two dynamic signs in a relationship. It may seem that any relationship would be better with the woman born under the sign of Venus or the one born under the sign of Mars. However, as we know, each one of them has a different quality and many women prefer to have a man who is from one of them.

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