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Additonal Parking information:

Sausalito is known for its many beautiful views and scenic hillside locations. But because of the limited parking availability,
Sausalito does have an aggressive enforcement program in both the residential and business districts.

What is ZYDECO?

What Is Zydeco?

The People Who Play Zydeco Music

To understand any genre of music, you must first understand the makers
of that genre. Zydeco is the music of Southwest Louisiana’s Black Creoles,
a group of people of mixed African, Afro-Caribbean, Native American and European descent. This Black Creole society that beget Zydeco is traditionally rural, French-speaking and is somewhat intertwined with the Cajun culture.

Where Does Zydeco Come From?

Zydeco music is a relatively new genre of world music, having come about as
a style of its own in only the mid-1900s. It is a derivative of “La-La” music (the shared music of the Cajuns and the Creoles), as well as blues, jure’ (syncopated a cappella religious songs), and in more recent years, Zydeco has taken many cues from R&B and even hip-hop, proving that it’s a constantly evolving genre.

What Does “Zydeco” Mean? – Story #1

The word “Zydeco” has two different stories to explain it. One is that it comes from the phrase “Les haricots sont pas sales”, meaning “the snap beans aren’t salty”. This phrase is a colloquial expression meaning that times are hard, and when spoken in the regional French, it’s pronounced “zy-dee-co sohn…” etc.

What Does “Zydeco” Mean? – Story #2

The second often-accepted meaning of the word “Zydeco” is that it comes from the word “zari”, which means dance. The word “zari” is found in several West African languages (in various similar forms).


Zydeco Instrumentation

Zydeco bands generally include an accordion, a modified washboard called a frottoir, electric guitar, bass and drums. Secondary zydeco instruments include fiddles, keyboards and horns.



What Does Zydeco Sound Like?

Zydeco music is often portrayed incorrectly as being polka-esque, but it actually sounds much more like the blues than like any European music.
The band plays heavily on the backbeat, with modern bands relying on a double-kick to the bass drum to emphasize the syncopation. The accordion plays blues licks, and the guitars further emphasize this sound.

Zydeco Lyrics

Zydeco music is sung in both English and French, with English being the preferred language for most modern bands. Many Zydeco songs are simply reworkings of R&B or Blues songs, many are modern versions of very old Cajun songs, and many are originals. Song lyrics deal with everything from the mundane to intense socio-political issues, with food and love being two very common themes.

Clifton Chenier – The King of Zydeco

Clifton Chenier was the one who took Zydeco from older “La-La” music to what we now recognize, and Clifton Chenier is hailed by nearly everyone as the progenitor of the modern genre.

Andre Thierry

GRAMMY Nominated Andre Thierry has been called the closest accordion player to Clifton Chenier that we’ll see in our lifetime. A virtuoso of all accordion types, single row, double row, triple row and piano key, Thierry effortlessly delivers everything from a traditional Creole waltz to a hard driving blues that is his own “Alternative Creole” sound.

Zydeco Dancing

Zydeco, like all accordion music, is for dancing. The steps performed to Zydeco music look like swing dancing to those unfamiliar with it. Zydeco dancing is intensely passionate and many are heralding it as “the new salsa.”

Festival Gives

About The Festival

Come explore a musical trip to Southwest Louisiana by the San Francisco Bay. The Creole United Festival

celebrates its 3rd year of community, music and the rich Creole culture.

Sausalito, California known for its mild weather and legendary waterfront makes it a popular destination for events.

The boutique downtown hotels, a diverse geography and a vibrant arts and culture scene is convenient for Festival attendees to make a weekend of it!

This year’s festival brings high energy, captivating national and international entertainment  featuring live musical performances by GRAMMY Nominated Andre Thierry, with special guest bands from Louisiana and Texas.

All ages welcome, come enjoy arts & crafts for kids, dance lessons, exhibits and a variety of delicious foods. The scenic venue has plenty of lawn seating and a waterfront “reserved table” seating area specially set for comfort, serving hospitality and a “TASTE OF THE SOUTH”.

Laissez les bon temp rouler!

Reserved Tables

2015 Festival Entertainment Linup

ANDRE THIERRY (Alternative Creole)

Andre Thierry is masterful on all accordion types, he effortlessly moves to deliver an energetic, hard-driving show, blending his own electrified sound with a stirring beat attracting any music lover to the dance floor. Although Andre’s instrument of choice
is the accordion, his versatile talents transcend on bass, guitar and keys. He is a gifted composer, singer and song-writer, his music is authentic, rich and comes straight from the soul as can be heard on his last three releases “Bouncin With The Blues” (2015) “Creole United, Non Jamais Fait” (2013) and “Are You Ready To Learn”(2012).

Thierry is widely considered to be among the most influential, multi-dimensional musicians who has a finely honed ability to merge his accordion swagga with Blues, R&B, Latin & Rock, cheap Escape To Margaritaville tickets. Andre’s captivating performances across the U.S. include sharing the stage with music artists such as Elvin Bishop, Sammy Hagar, David Hidalgo and Los Lobos, showcasing the diversity of his repertoire.

Andre Thierry continues to produce recordings that reveal his gifts delivered to music fans of all generations, bringing “accordion magic” to mainstream genres relentlessly taking the music forward, whether leading a band or standing alone with his accordion, pouring his heart into his passion.

Yoshi-taka Nakabayashi (International Zydeco)

Yoshi-take Nakabayashi owns and operates coffee shop CREOLE COFFEE   STAND in Tokyo. Before Yoshi-take began playing Zydeco, he was playing New Orleans R&B and Funk on piano and organ. Yoshi-take discovered Zydeco when he listened to the records of Clifton Chenier and Buckwheat Zydeco. After listening to various Zydeco artists, he came across Boozoo Chavis and Beau Jocque, and he was especially attracted to their music that was, unlike the music of Clifton Chenier and Buckwheat Zydeco, more tuned for dancing. He wanted to experience the live Zydeco and visited Lafayette for the first time in 2003, and that kicked off his career in Zydeco. Yoshi-take formed Zydeco Kicks in 2004, and the band has since been performing in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Nathan Plumbar (Louisiana Zydeco):

Nathan “Tyke” Plumbar’s Creole roots started in a small town called Grand Coteau, in Southwest Louisiana. His father’s love for the Creole culture passed on to Nathan when he took him to Zydeco legendary places like Slim’s Y-Ki-Ki, and Richard’s Club. Nathan would just sit on the hood of the car listening to Zydeco legends like Boozoo Chavis, Zydeco Force and Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Chas. Plumbar started playing accordion in 2005, with the help of Zydeco artists Josh Arcenaux and Wayne Singleton, beginning his career as a Zydeco artist. His primary genres such as traditional Zydeco and Cajun music with a twist of today’s style.
Nathan has played behind great bands such as Wayne & Same Ol’ 2 Step, Leon Chavis & the Zydeco Flames and Josh & The Zydeco Souljas.
In 2014, Nathan started his very own band Tyke and Steady Steppin and is currently working on his first CD release.

K.I. Nicholas (World Music):

K.I. Nicholas is an accomplished singer guitarist who classifies his music as Caribbean Fusion because it blends the sounds of the Caribbean and African Beats that he grew up on in Grenada, West Indies with the R&B, Funk, Blues and Country music that he played during his travels throughout Canada, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the U.S.

K.I. Nicholas is an amazing solo guitarist and singer. K.I., has also toured, played back-up and lead guitar and performed as an opening act for music greats, such as Steele Pulse, Junior Kelley and Glenn Washington.  He has performed in every size venue from intimate restaurants and clubs to national stadiums throughout the Caribbean, Canada and the U.S., including performing as the house musician for seven seasons at world famous Foxy’s in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) .

K.I. is more than a talented guitar player and singer, he is a multi-faceted musician who plays several instruments and arranges his own music.  K.I. launched his recording career in the U.S. with the release of his first CD entitled “2 Worlds Fusion” which includes 10 original songs. His second CD, “Through the Storm” goes back to his Caribbean roots and rocks us with a mix of Caribbean Soul and the Blues, says Nicholas. “Through the Storm” showcases twelve original songs composed by K.I. Nicholas that include Caribbean music styles such as Reggae, Soca and Folk.  According to K.I. fans, this CD takes Caribbean music to a whole new level.